Mothlight moon

Unique handcrafted jewelry. Copper electroformed pendants and rings with natural gemstones.

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Why Choose Us?

 Each piece begins with a cleansing of the materials, then I lay everything out and intuitively decide what needs to be together, and what looks best together. Then I go through the detailed task of bonding the materials, protecting and sealing the organics , covering the stones for their trip through the plating bath, and adding the magic paint that makes electroforming possible. They then go into a bath with copper dissolved in a liquid, and a gentle electric current runs through everything. When a thick plate has formed over the pieces, they are neutralized, cleaned, given a patina, polished and sealed with a special museum wax to keep them from changing color. To finish, a friend of mine cleanses them again and gives them Reki, so each piece is ready to support you and give you energy.

About Us


Store owner, Creatrix

Raised on the beautiful island of Kauai, Hawaii, I have always loved nature and creating. I come from a long line of creatives, with my mother teaching me how to make jewelry, my grandmother teaching me how to crochet, and my grandfather painting miniature sunsets on shells, we always had something creative going on. Moving to the misty forests on the pacific north west has brought me focus to return to a first love, the creation of jewelry!


Seattle, WA